Vodafone DE for Foreigners

Last updated January 11, 2019

I’ve made a couple trips to Germany recently, and rather than pay hefty roaming charges I picked up a local prepaid Vodafone SIM. Not everything about it was immediately obvious, so here’s a reference in case anyone else is in the same boat.

How do I get a SIM?

Just pop into any Vodafone shop with your passport and the address of where you’re staying (hotel, etc.). They’ll handle the legally-required registration in the shop, and once you walk out you should be good to go within about 5 minutes.

Can I top up my balance online?

Yes. Go here.

You can use this link with or without a Vodafone account. If you don’t have one just choose to pay as a guest (Als Gast aufladen). My American credit cards didn’t work, but they accept PayPal.

How do I check my balance?

Turn off wifi and go to http://wap.meincallya.de (in Germany (Europe?) only, and, no, there’s no https version) or dial *106#

Where can I find the prepaid price list?

Base tariffs


The long version

How much are calls to the US from Germany?

€0,04 per minute + €0,15 per call

That’s cheaper than calling Switzerland!

How do I change my plan or data add-ons?

Turn off wifi and go to http://wap.meincallya.de (in Germany (Europe?) only, and, no, there’s no https version) or dial *106#

You can also call to manage your options, but you’ll probably want to change the prompts to English first (or you wouldn’t be reading this page). Dial 22044 and press 3 then 1 after the prompts to set them to English. Afterwards dialing 22922 works for managing tariff options in English. If you’re roaming you’ll get charged for these calls (currently €2,10/minute from the US).

Where can I find the prepaid international roaming price list?


There’s also an unlisted €9,99 offer for 500MB of data in the US & Canada, valid for 4 weeks. You’ll get an SMS with info once you turn your phone on in either country.

Is roaming elsewhere in Europe included for free?

Yes, with caveats.

Roaming in the EEA (EU + Iceland + Liechtenstein + Norway) is included for free. You can use your allotted minutes/SMS/data without additional charge.

Note that Switzerland isn’t in the EEA, so roaming there on a prepaid Vodafone DE SIM will cost you approximately 7 gazillion euros, at least for data. In Switzerland you can get a Sunrise or Salt SIM with a reasonable daily fee (~CHF2) for “unlimited” data so do that instead.

Does VoLTE work?


Does Wifi Calling work?

Yes, but only within Germany.

Can I register for a MeinVodafone account?

Yes, but it doesn’t really get you anything you can’t get via one of the above links or by dialing *100# . But if you do want to create an account you’ll need your initial “customer password” (Kunden-Kennwort) to register. By default this is the first four digits of the PUK printed on the card your SIM came in, but if this doesn’t work try “1234” or the last four digits of your phone number. More info on what you can do with an account can be found here.